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Cheyenne Urban Forestry is a Division of the City of Cheyenne Parks & Recreation Department
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Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division, 520 W. 8th Ave., Cheyenne WY 82001
             Phone: 307-637-6428
 Questions? E-Mail Forestry Division
Cheyenne Urban Forestry Office Hours:Tuesday's and Thrusday's 8-11:30 am
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Trees Require Water in Winter

         Photo and sketch: Cheyenne Urban Forestry

Trees, especially evergreens, require water to help survive the windy and dry Cheyenne winters. Water trees on warm days when wind is not expected for a day or two during dry periods when little or no snow covers the ground. More information on winter watering.

Frequent Requests for Information:

Tree Maintenance Businesses & Pesticide Applicators Licensed in Cheyenne 
Tree Pruning, Removing & Spraying

Brown Needles on Pine, Spruce, and Fir Trees

A few Trees and Shrubs that can grow in Cheyenne

Don't Move Firewood - Help Save our Native and Urban Forests

Watering Trees

Urban Forest Interpretive Center: Tree House, Nature Center, and Who Crossed My Path

Cheyenne Urban Forestry - Vision and Mission

Informational Brochures:

Basic Tree Care in Wyoming:  Planting Trees and Maintaining New Trees

Drought and Trees

High Plains Arboretum Guide
A self guided tour of 60 trees and shrubs at the Arboretum on an aerial photo.

Mountain Pine Beetle in our Community

Wyoming Tree Owner's Manual - An excellent 40 page guide for tree owners.  
Revised and printed by - Wyoming State Forestry Division with permission from USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area.

Construction Projects on City Lands Involving Trees:

Tree Selection and Planting Guidelines & Tree Retention and Protection Guidelines

Seven Years of Precipitation in Cheyenne:

Total Precipitation by Calendar Year.   Calendar Year Average is 15.94"

2013 at 2.24 inches above normal.
at 5.30 inches below normal.

2011 at 3.37 inches above normal. 
2010 at   .23 inches above normal.
2009 at 3.29 inches above
2008 at   .19 inches below normal.
2007 at   .61 inches below normal.

Snowfall per Season

2011-2012:    9 inches below normal snowfall for the season.
2010-2011:    9 inches below normal snowfall for the season.
 43 inches above normalsnowfall for the season.
2008-2009:    9 inches above normal snowfall for the season.
2007-2008:  17 inches below normal snowfall for the season.

(Five consecutive years, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 of near normal and above normal precipitation).

Tree Ordinance Information for Property Owners in Cheyenne:

Property owners in the City of Cheyenne are required to maintain their private trees and right-of-way trees abutting their property, for the safe use of city streets, alleys, and sidewalks. Trees and shrubs overhanging the street and alley need to be pruned to allow a 14-foot clearance above the entire surface of the street or alley. Trees and shrubs overhanging the sidewalk need to be pruned to allow an 8-foot clearance above the entire sidewalk surface.  Cheyenne City Code Title 12, chapter 12.16.  

Corner property owners need to provide a "sight clearance triangle" for vehicles at street intersections.  Cheyenne Unified Development Code
Article 4.3.5 (page 4-28).

 Tree, Shrub, and Yard Waste Recycling for Cheyenne Residents:

The Sanitation Division does not accept yard waste with solid waste.  Section 8.44.040 of the City Code requires proper disposal of such contents.  For more information contact the Sanitation Division or call them at 637-6440.

City of Cheyenne Public Compost Facility
Location: 3714 Windmill Rd. (Across from Prairie View Golf Course)
Call 307-637-6440 for hours of operation.




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