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Dedicated to improving Cheyenne's urban forest by working with citizens, businesses, government agencies and tree care professionals in fostering a safe, healthy, and diverse tree canopy to enhance the beauty and prosperity of Cheyenne.


Cheyenne Urban Forestry is a division within the Parks and Recreation Department and is charged with maintaining all city-owned trees, including trees in parks, golf courses, cemeteries, along the greenway and on city properties. The forestry division provides a full complement of tree care services, including planting, mulching, watering, insect and disease identification and treatment, pruning and removals. Its staff has the training and qualifications to implementt all these services to ensure city-owned trees are receiving the best of care.

The division is also responsible for providing for the safe use of public rights-of-way by directing property owners in the timely and proper maintenance of trees, shrubs, hedges and vines. Street trees, those trees between the sidewalk and the curb in particular are evaluated regularly to ensure they do not pose a hazard to the public. The forestry division also enforces professional standards for tree care businesses and requires licensing for tree care services, such as pruning trees, removing trees and applying pesticides and insecticides to trees and shrubs.

The forestry division cares for over 12,000 public trees and provides oversight for over 8,000 street trees. The combined value of these trees is over 35 million dollars. Cottonwoods comprise 20% of this population, spruce comprise 15%, pine 14%, ash 10%, elm 8%, crabapple 6% and several species at 5% or less.

The forestry division also provides educational and informational resources for Cheyenne citizens and green industry professionals. The division maintains several interpretive resources, such as the tree house and tree walk in Lion's Park and the High Plains Arboretum at the High Plains Research Station. The division also coordinates educational events such as Arbor Day, Treetober Fest and various tree care workshops.