Stump Grinding

Wondering what our crew has been up to? They have been working hard grinding stumps throughout Cheyenne! It is important to remove stumps to help prevent from attracting unwanted insects, prevent tree regrowth, prevent obstacles for yard maintenance, and is aesthetically more appealing. Every stump removed leaves room for a new tree to be planted!


New Downtown Cheyenne Tree Plantings 2023

Have you been noticing lately all the new trees being planted in Downtown Cheyenne? You can thank our crew here at the Cheyenne Urban Forestry!

The Urban Forestry Crew has been busy planting trees around Downtown Cheyenne. The crew has planted a total of 25 trees in downtown Cheyenne as of this year (2023) and still counting! Pretty impressive if I say so myself!

Our crew just planted 6 new trees along the north side of 2001 Capitol Ave along W 21st Street. Santos Construction cut and removed portions of the concrete sidewalk (6, 5 x 5 squares) to create adequate space for new trees. This project is an example of a partnership between the city and downtown property owners/business owners to increase and diversify Cheyenne's urban tree canopy in the downtown area. This diverse tree canopy continues to help enhance the beauty and prosperity of Cheyenne!

Here is what we planted at 2001 Capitol Ave (Along W 21st Street):

  1. State Street Maple
  2. Ohio Buckeye
  3. Espresso Kentucky Coffeetree
  4. Greenspire Linden
  5. Hackberry
  6. Heritage Oak

Make sure you stop by and see the great work our crew did on this tree planting project!

Left: A few of our crew members (Vinny, Noah, and Patrick) watering and cleaning up after planting this Espresso Kentucky Coffee Tree. Right: Vinny and Noah planting a State Street Maple Tree.

Left: Here you can see part of the crew's truck and planting equipment. Planted here is a Heritage Oak Tree. Right: Crew member Patrick making sure the sidewalk is all cleaned up after planting.

Left: Newly planted Hackberry Tree. Right: Newly planted Heritage Oak Tree.

Left: Newly planted Espresso Kentucky Coffee Tree. Right: Newly planted State Street Maple Tree.

Left: Newly planted Ohio Buckeye Tree. Right: Newly planted Greenspire Linden Tree.


Left: Greenspire Linden Tree root.

Santos Construction cut and removed portions of the concrete sidewalk so we could have adequate space for new trees to be planted.