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The High Plains Arboretum

The High Plains Arboretum is located at the Cheyenne Field Station which is west of Cheyenne off of Round Top Rd. at 8301 Hildreth Road. The Field Station began planting a large variety of trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables in the 1930s to determine which species were hardy to the high plains. To learn more about the history of the research station, click here. The arboretum sits on City property and is open to the public. The arboretum features over 60 different trees and shrubs from around the world and includes markers which identify many plants and gives brief descriptions, including country of origin and year planted. To view a map of the arboretum, click here.


Arboretum Video Now Available

This video focuses on the mostly unknown 62 acre High Plains Arboretum. Viewers are given a glimpse into the history of the establishment of the Cheyenne Field Station back in the 1930s and how in recent years the arboretum came about. The video was done to bring awareness of the arboretum and to encourage the public to visit the arboretum and learn more about this historic and unique natural area. To view a shorter version of the video click here.

Educational Kiosk Completed

A kiosk at the arboretum was recently completed to promote the diverse and unique history of the Cheyenne Field Station and High Plains Arboretum that evolved. The Civil Conservation Corps along with plant explorers that traveled the world were vital to the establishment and future of the Field Station. Click here to view the history. Click here to view the Plant Explorers.